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Library Media

Welcome to Osborn Library! I am the librarian, Ms. Lipari and our clerk is Ms. Reeves. We are here to assist you and all of the students, parents, and staff at Osborn, so please feel free to call or email us with any library-related questions you may have. Osborn is following a 6-day schedule and each student will have library class once per cycle. Throughout the school year, students will be checking out books and learning about the library's resources through fun and interesting lessons. If you have questions, feel free to ask us! 

-Ms. Lipari and Mrs. Reeves

Class Schedule for check out:

Day 1- 1 Merritt, K Short, 4 Lonnegren, 2 Fugazy, 5 Tennaro/Tavolacci

Day 2- 1 Minella, 1 D'Ippolito, K Lucht, 1 McNamara, 1 Trainor

Day 3- 2 Buonanno/Pfeiffer, 2 Guzzo, 2 Marszycki, 2 Napoleon

Day 4- 3 Ballone/Marasco, K King*, 3 Bolnik, 3 Martalotta, 3 Salvato

Day 5- 4 Brown/O'Reilly, 4 Avnir, K Gelman, 4 Albaum/Scarano

Day 6- 5 Carman, 5 Litt/Buderman, K Beatty, 5 Savage

(*K King has a bonus library on Day 1 but we do not check out books on that day.)

Mural painting on the wall of book characters and Ozzie the bear

Contacts & Emails

Cara Lipari
Library Media Specialist
914-967-6100 Ext 5040 

Betty Reeves
Library Clerk