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In the Art Studio, young artists explore many materials, work with mixed media and engage in projects that stimulate problem-solving skills. All year long, they will be introduced to new tools, methods, and techniques. Emphasis is made on finishing work and being proud of presenting one's work to others. Being able to share ideas, self-expression, and the meaning of one's work is part of the experience.

The "Working Process" is given a lot of attention when students come into the Studio. They are expected to help each other with steps in a process, learn how to use a new tool, or use a tool in a creative way, and be considerate of each other's work and space. In a world of virtual reality, where tapping keys, clicking buttons, and directing arrows is the extent of "working with one's hands," the Art Studio becomes a magical, tactile place for children to really work with their hands, and get messy and freely create.

Various sculptures on a table and artwork on the wall behind

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Carrie Burke

Anthony Campbell
Department Coordinator